Talk 16 with Chris Walton MSc – Benefits of a healthy body and mind

by Simon Sutton on May 2, 2011 · 0 comments

Talk 16 with Chris Walton MSc – Benefits of a healthy body and mind
I love the way Chris made it on the Sofa. I got an email saying that he would like to chew the cud transparently as he hears a lot of people using the word but not actually walking the talk. (chew the cud if you don’t know means talk) I was happy to wax lyrical with Chris and liked his upfront approach. We cover a lot or areas and look at the connection between mind and body and tools you can implement in order to live in a state of peace, love and awareness.

Chris Walton is an internationally recognised performance psychologist who uses leading edge mind-body techniques to create transformational change and performance improvement. He teaches public personal development workshops and corporate training programmes. I think you will like Chris and his grounded personality. I had a lot of fun speaking with him and I hope to sit with him again soon as he has a lot more information and experience to share with you all.

Chris studied with the likes of Bruce Lipton and the indigenous people, shamans in the Amazon in Brazil and Peru. This had a profound effect on his life. During a shamanistic healing ceremony he had a profound expanded consciousness experience. This left Chris with a deep knowing that every human being is much more than a physical body with a personality.

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We create these talks and all that we do for humanity not consumerism. When you walk this path, you are supporting the evolving collective consciousness which is moving us beyond the structures we have become conditioned by and into a new realm, a new earth where we all truly become one through shifting our perception and communicating from truth.

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