Moya Guichet | Is Everybody Clairvoyant?

I met Moya on the morning of filming and was introduced by a friend who had a reading from her. He said Moya would be great for the Sofa, she says it how it is and is all about sharing her message transparently. So I gave her a call.

I really enjoyed her no nonsense attitude and down to earth demeanour. Moya Guichet believes she was born with a gift. Throughout her childhood she had “strange” experiences but thought everyone had them and these experiences were not unique to her. In her late teens Moya’s beloved twenty year old brother was killed in a car accident by a drink driver. There is no doubt this opened the flood gates. She began to “see”, “feel” and “hear” things relating to both him and those around her. It was at this point that Moya made a decision to see a medium herself. He helped her accept her brothers death and opened her eyes to the life beyond that which we physically see.

Moya’s work is her vocation.

I had so many more areas I wanted to cover and questions to ask but one hour flies by. I want to also say that my reading was edited slightly because Moya shared some personal readings regarding family members and although I am being completely transparent, I must respect others privacy.

We create these talks and all that we do for humanity not consumerism. When you walk this path, you are supporting the evolving collective consciousness which is moving us beyond the structures we have become conditioned by and into a new realm, a new earth where we all truly become one through shifting our perception and communicating from truth.

Visit Moya Guichets website here

So there you have it, plenty of further exploration to support your journey
We know you will benefit from all of this transformational information.

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